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Welcome to my Page!
Welcome the the Prairie View music webpage!!
Here you can read about what the students have been learning about in their music classes.  You can also get information about upcoming music programs, as well as find links to music websites that your whole family will enjoy!
'Music Notes'
Music Classrooms
Kindergarten-- The students have been learning new songs.  They are playing beat patterns with rhythm sticks and exploring ways to move to music.
1st and 2nd Grade-- The students have been working with rhythm patterns and the musical scale.  They have worked with partners, playing rhythm instruments and xylophones.
3rd Grade--Third graders are learning the basics of reading music.  They practice rhythm patterns.  They have enjoyed singing new songs this year.
4th Grade-- Fourth graders have completed a pre-test in singing, music vocabulary, rhythm-reading and rhythm-writing
5th Grade-- We've done review of the basics of reading music.
The students have done a lot of singing, and have now begun to work on the Winter Program, "Jingle Bell Jukebox"!!

Upcoming Music Events
Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Winter Music Program,
  "Jingle Bell Jukebox",
featuring our Fifth Graders!

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Circle the State with Song Festival

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